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El Paso, TX

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El Paso, the sixth largest city in Texas and 19th largest city in the United States is situated on the geographic center of the 2,000-mile U.S./Mexico border. El Paso and neighboring city Juarez, Mexico comprise the largest metropolitan area along the border and the largest concentrations of maquiladora plants (over 300 manufacturing plants, employing more than 300,000 people).  The maquiladoras, coupled with other economic El Paso drivers including one of America’s largest military bases (Fort Bliss), the first four-year medical school on the border (Texas Tech Medical School), and El Paso’s international airport contribute to El Paso’s economic diversity.

 EastGroup Properties’ portfolio of high quality office/warehouse facilities with flexible sizes and designs caters to current and future growth needs. EastGroup’s geographical locations near major highways and thoroughfares allow for convenient access throughout the area, making EastGroup ideal for companies operating in this region.

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